Woman Uses Breast Milk To Make Soap And Takes Home £82,000 A Year From It



Everybody loves a side hustle and it’s even better when it’s a completely weird one that nobody thought could ever make a profit, but it actually turns out that it’s an absolutely killer niche.

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Apparently one of these business ideas is bars of soap that are made from breast milk, with 31 year old Taylor Robinson using defrosted, donated and expired milk and different natural oils to create the unique beauty product. She also offers a custom option, where mothers ship their breast milk to her from all over the world in order to have her turn it into a bar of soap. What a great birthday present that would be hey!

Here’s what Taylor had to say about her business:

The reactions vary from extreme disgust to absolute admiration.

It’s such a beautiful part of motherhood that goes into our soaps.

It seems like the older and much younger generations are usually grossed out by it.

But Millennials and Gen-Z are aware of how amazing breast milk is.

When my friend asked me to make her one at first I did think it was a little weird.

It was odd she wanted to use my breast milk but after reading about it I realised how amazing it is and got to it.

Expired breast milk would just go to waste otherwise.

It just means it’s been in the freezer for over a year and that makes it no longer good for consumption.

You can still receive all the skin benefits from the milk.

So we get to repurpose milk that would have been wasted.

All that hard work the mum spent pumping isn’t for no reason.

I mean what’s not to like about that? Recycling unusable milk and turning it into delicious soap that reaps a healthy profit – Taylor reckons she’s making £82,000 a year from it – sounds good to me. Other than when you remember that the bars of soap are made from breast milk and are actually pretty gross of course. Yuck.

Still, fair play to all the mum’s and GenZ/millennials who are actually into that and think that this is a beautiful product. Making money, keeping clean and helping the world go round. Gotta respect that I suppose.

For more of the same, check out this breast feeding Barbie. Why did someone think that was a good idea for a product?



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