Woman Breaks Guinness World Record By Eating Three Jars Of Mayonnaise In Three Minutes (VIDEO)


I’m a big fan of mayonnaise but I only want to use it to dip my fries or nuggets in and there’s no way I’m sitting around eating jars of the stuff because that’s just rank.

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Apparently this is a pastime that people do indulge in and one that people also want to break world records in, as illustrated by the actions of Michelle Lesco from Arizona. She broke the record over the weekend when she managed to guzzle three jars of the stuff in just under three and a half minutes. Congratulations?

Just thinking about that makes me want to puke and I actually had to wretch a little bit at the thought of putting that much lumpy mayonnaise in my mouth in such a short period of time. Really rank.

If you’re wondering about Michelle and how she was able to do this, she’s actually a competitive eater by trade so it perhaps wasn’t the hardest thing she’s ever done. She also holds the world record for the fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta and the fastest time to eat a hot dog without using your hands. Clearly a natural born champ.

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