Woman Goes MENTAL & Assaults Boyfriend On Plane For Looking At Other Women

Good start to the holidays.

Being on a plane that’s about to take off isn’t the ideal place for a domestic dispute, but when a fight’s brewing between you and your significant other sometimes there’s just no way to stop it, especially if your partner is a grade A lunatic like the girlfriend in this video.

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Get ready for some serious turbulence:

Now that’s what you call pre-flight entertainment. It’s a good thing they weren’t mid-flight cos I’m 100% sure the boyfriend would have pulled the exit door and jumped.

The funniest part is the two guys sat in front of the couple who are on camera throughout:

A lot of the time with these videos you see a bunch of heroes trying to get involved and diffuse the situation, but not this time. These guys wanted absolutely no part of that woman’s wrath whatsoever and I don’t blame them. Just sit back and enjoy the show while it lasts.

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