This Woman Was Involved In The Bizarre Sexual Torture Of A Man Twice Her Age, But Got Off Scot Free

Chantelle McCluney

She lured him into her house with the promise of a threesome then watched as her boyfriend and another lover inflicted ‘inhuman’ suffering on him.

This story is all kinds of messed up, and it’s kind of crazy that the woman at the centre of it seems to have gotten off scot free whilst everyone else involved is getting sent down hard. So what actually happened?

It started when Chantelle McCluney – who is only 23 – laid a honeytrap for an unnamed 42 year old man by inviting him over to her apartment for a threesome with her and her boyfriend Craig Hogan who was 28, although both of them were significantly younger when the attack occurred in October 2008.

The three had met in jail (lol) and had regularly embarked on these kinds of sexual escapades. This unnamed man must have been pretty desperate because Chantelle is not hot at all, but I guess a threesome might be enough to tempt anyone, right? I guess jail will do that to you though. One thing’s for sure though, the dude definitely wishes he didn’t head over there that day.

That’s because when he did get there during the threesome another one of Chantelle’s lovers (slut) named Andrew Doyle arrived to exact revenge on the unnamed man for an earlier discretion in which he had said that Doyle had looked like a drug addict and advised Chantelle to get an STD test. This enraged Doyle so much when Chantelle told him that he immediately recruited Hogan to get his revenge on him. And what he did afterwards more than surpassed what the unnamed man did to him – which was essentially nothing – by a factor of about 500,000.

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Apparently Doyle burst in on the threesome, tied the man to a chair, kicked and punched him, then forced him to drink bleach, burned him with a flamethrower (what??), ducked his head in a bucket of urine, robbed him, beat him in the head with another chair and then forced him to stand naked on a balcony in the freezing cold for half an hour whilst performing a sex act on himself. Basically, the dude got completely and utterly owned by these guys.

Then it gets even grosser. Whilst the unnamed man lay on the floor in a bloody mess, Doyle and Chantelle had sex with Doyle kicking the man throughout. Asked why she did this Chantelle said ‘I’ll admit it – I felt horny’. What a sick freak. The victim was then pelted with eggs by the trio as he begged for mercy, before being released from their (blatantly disgusting) flat and told that if he spoke out about this to anyone then Doyle would murder his family.

He was later found walking around Manchester city centre with several facial injuries. He told police he had been accosted by a group of robbers. He didn’t speak about his ordeal for over four years, and only revealed it after he received counselling following an attempted suicide. He said he could still taste bleach in his mouth and suffered regular flashbacks of it. It sounds completely horrible.

At the trial though, Judge Richard Mansell QC decided that Chantelle could avoid a jail sentence after concluding that she was under the influence of Hogan – who she had been involved in an abusive relationship with during her teens – and in fear of Doyle, but was now struggling to put her troubled past behind her as she attempted to raise her three children. Yeah, her three children.

Instead, she’ll get an 18 month supervisory sentence which is suspended for two years. I don’t want to sound cynical, but maybe she had a threesome with the judge because I don’t really think she deserves to get off for her role in this. Doyle got five years whereas Hogan got four, which again both seem like remarkably lenient sentences (although they did all plead guilty for reduced sentences) considering they’ve pretty much completely fucked up this guy’s life. Raw.

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