Woman Goes To Hospital With Eye Infection, Turns Out She Has 4 Bees Living In Her Eye Ball (NSFL)


A 29-year-old Taiwanese woman who went to hospital with pain in her eye was expecting to find she had some kind of generic eye infection. 

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Turns out the diagnosis was something much, much worse – she had four bees living in her eye ball and feeding on her tear ducts under her swollen eyelids. WTF?

The patient, named Ms He (bit confusing), was pulling weeds when the four bees somehow managed to embed themselves in her eye socket and started drinking her tears.

Ms He explains:

We were visiting and tidying a relative’s grave, and I was squatted down pulling out weeds.

I felt wind blowing into my face, then I felt something in my eye which I thought was sand or dirt.

I cleaned my eye using water but it started hurting a lot at night, a sharp pain, and I was tearing up.

The hospital’s head of ophthalmology, Dr Hung Chi-ting said at a press conference that such bees nest near graves and in fallen trees, so chances of coming across them while hiking in the mountains are high.

So how did the doctor deal with these 4 bees living in the patient’s eye ball?

I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies.

They were four sweat bees.

Welp, could have been worse I suppose. I mean it’s not like the bees stung her eye ball or laid eggs which then hatched and burrowed their way into her brain. Maybe that seems far-fetched but then again so is finding 4 bees living in your eye socket. Absolute nightmare.

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