Watch This Woman Beat The Shit Out Of A Man In McDonald’s Brawl

You go sister.

I’ve never really understood why this is, but you always see a hell of a load of fights in McDonald’s late at night when you’re trying to get your nuggets or whatever and this is another one of those times.

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Haven’t really got any context for this one, other than it’s some kind of late night fight about nothing in a McDonald’s somewhere but damn is it an impressive performance from this woman, who goes full on nuclear on this guy and beats the ever loving crap out of him. Pretty sure that guy won’t be getting any respect off anyone anytime soon:

Damn son, boy did get the shit completely kicked out of you there. Ain’t no coming back from that one. Real shame that whoever was filming stopped because I would love to have seen how that ended up – pretty sure the answer is with another pummelling from the woman. Bitch ain’t holding back.

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