Woman Avoids £12K Fine Despite Returning Library Book 67 Years Too Late

Overdue Library Book


Do you remember going to the library to get books out? It was a pretty cool gimmick, although it completely sucked when you forgot to take them back and ended up with a three pound fine or whatever. That was a lot of pocket money back then.

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Some unnamed woman over in New Zealand has somehow managed to wangle her way out of a £12K fine after she managed to return a library book 67 years past its due date. Apparently she had been meaning to return it for some time. No shit, that’s like three times my entire lifespan.

The book in question was ‘Myths And Legends Of Maoriland’ by AW Reed, which is sure to become a classic in the knowledge that somebody actually stole it from a library for 67 years. Auckland Library were complete pussies about it though saying that they would waive the fine because it was still in presentable condition:

OVerdue Book

A wonderful customer came to see us with a confession today! As a child she was a patron of Epsom Library until she moved out of Auckland – and accidentally took a library book with her!

Today she finally managed to return it to us. It’s a fair few years overdue but in excellent well-read condition.

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Ridiculous. I don’t know what these guys are thinking. They could probably afford to keep that library open for another 20 years and save some jobs if they cashed in that fine. Morons.

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