Woman Arrested For Masturbating In The Cinema During Fifty Shades Of Grey Screening

Masturbating 50 Shades Of Grey Cinema

It was only a matter of time.

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After reporting that a Glasgow screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey had descended into chaos with people puking in the aisles and getting glassed and now it’s been announced that someone has been arrested for jerking off in the cinema. It was only a matter of time really though wasn’t it?

50 Shades Of Grey

It went down in the Mexican city of Sinaloa, where the 33 year old woman was sitting the 12th row and it became very obvious that she was enjoying the movie a little bit too much. The other cinemagoers reported her to cinema staff and she was arrested and taken from the cinema in handcuffs. Considering what she was watching, she probably enjoyed that and it might even have been part of her plan in the first place.

Expect there to be numerous more incidents like this in the next couple of weeks.

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