This Woman Just Admitted To Murdering Her Husband In A Facebook Status Update

Nakasia James

Next level.

Facebook status updates are a way to share your thoughts with everyone in your network, or just to brag about what you’re doing to make everyone jealous. What they probably shouldn’t be used for is to admit that you accidentally murdered your boyfriend.

A 21 year old woman named Nakasia James from San Bernardino decided to completely neglect all common sense though and did exactly that after she killed her boyfriend Dorian Powell. Take a look at this:

Facebook Status Update Murder

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Wow. That really is a whole new level of stupidity – I know a lot of people don’t think before they update their Facebook status but this really is next level idiocy. What good could she have thought would possibly have come from it? I mean it’s not as if anyone is going to even ‘like’ it are they? Oh wait it actually got five likes – I guess Dorian wasn’t very popular with her friends.

The police have now tracked down Nakasia and she’s currently being questioned about the murder over in the States. It seems like it should be resolved fairly quickly though as she’s already freakin’ admitted to it hasn’t she? Moron.

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