A Florida Woman Has Shot Her Boyfriend For Snoring Too Loudly

We’ve all been there.

If you’ve ever shared a bed with anyone – sorry incels – then you’ll know that there are times when snoring becomes a real problem and can be enough to drive you up the wall as the faint chance of getting any possible sleep without literally punching your partner slowly evaporates.

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Normally you just end up pushing them over or sucking it up and just lying there thinking about all your life’s mistakes that have led you to this point, but one woman decided to take matters into her own hands rather drastically by shooting her boyfriend right there and then. Bit OTT, but then of course we are in Florida where literally anything goes.

47 year old Lorie Marin had been playing cards and drinking with her boyfriend Brett Allgood in their mobile home in Cocoa, Orlando when an argument about his snoring came up. He was airlifted to hospital and is in stable condition, but Marin now faces charges of aggravated battery and attempted murder.

She’s claiming that the gun just went off when she was passing it to Allgood – classic excuse – but I guess if she’s facing charges then nobody is buying it at all. Allgood is saying that she followed him into the bedroom and fired the gun at him after the argument escalated.

Pretty much a no brainer on who you’re going to believe there isn’t it? The cops are also saying that she repeatedly changed her story during interviews and tried to fake cry which doesn’t exactly strengthen her credibility.

One of her neighbours said the following about it all:

I’ve talked to her a couple times and she’s always been really nice, and so the news is kind of shocking on it, honestly.

To hear that it was over him snoring is kind of shocking. It’s kind of crazy.

It’s so stupid, so bizarre that I can’t imagine that kind of behaviour.

Well yeah, it is really stupid – just get earplugs or sleep in separate beds or something if it’s such a big problem. Don’t shoot the guy. Marin is probably facing a jail sentence right now and quite frankly she deserves it.

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