A Woman Has Accused Donald Trump Of Raping Her When She Was 13

We all know that Donald Trump has said and done some very dodgy things in his life – I mean a lot of it has been filmed or is on tape so you can’t even deny it, even though he repeatedly does – but I’m not sure if any of us ever thought that he had it in him to rape a 13 year old.

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This is what he is currently being accused of by one woman though. She actually went to the High Court last year but withdrew her case because she was too nervous about coming forward in the public eye against a man as powerful as Trump, but it’s been thrust back into the spotlight after billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested over the weekend on sex trafficking accusations. The woman alleges that the rape went down at one of Epstein’s sex parties, which were attended by multiple underage girls.

Here’s a Twitter thread that pretty much tells you everything you need to know (with a bunch of links to other sources too if you need more detail):

I mean there is A LOT going on there isn’t there, and a lot of the evidence is circumstantial but you can’t say that it doesn’t all add up and seem like it could be something that might have happened? Of course, if you think that either of these billionaires and supremely rich people are actually going to go down for any of this or be held accountable then I think you’re pretty naive, but maybe there’s a chance Epstein might get exposed if he’s been arrested again? We’ll see but don’t get too hopeful.

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