Woman Accidentally Shares Photograph Of Fiancee’s Penis When Sharing News Of Her Engagement (VIDEO)

Wedding Ring

‘Congratulations girl, it’s huge.’

For many women, receiving a proposal from the man of their dreams is probably going to be the best day of their life – especially when they share it on social media and see all those likes coming in.

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Naturally this is one of the first things that many women do once they’ve put their ring on, and one woman in California literally couldn’t wait to get it up on Facebook after the celebratory boning with her husband and ended up getting his dick all over her engagement photo. The woman rather stupidly captured a Live Photo with her iPhone rather than a picture which meant that when she swung it around after she thought she had finished taking the picture of her engagement ring, she managed to capture her husband to be with his pants down. Whoops.

To make matters worse, this video was then immediately sent to all of her friends and family, as well as being shared on social media (it’s blurred out so don’t worry about it if you’re in polite company or anything):

Damn girl. I suppose you could say it isn’t all bad because the guy has a pretty sizeable member so it’s not exactly as embarrassing as it could be, but still you don’t really want all your family and friends to know exactly how big your husband’s dick is, do you? Major faux pas.

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