Woman Who Regrets Transitioning From Male Is Suing Clinic After Her ‘Rushed’ Treatment

It’s irreversible.

Normally I try and offer some kind of opinion on the issues I’m discussing in these articles, but the content in this one is just such a minefield I’m not going to bother as you’ll get the J.K Rowlings of the world saying ‘yes, that’s exactly what I mean’ and the woke brigade saying that sharing anything like this is promoting transphobia. In truth it’s probably somewhere in the middle, but I’m just gonna present what this woman said and let you make your own mind up.

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Keira Bell appeared on This Morning yesterday to talk about why she was suing the Tavistock clinic following her transition from male to female, claiming that the whole process was rushed and was ultimately the wrong decision for her, especially that it’s irreversible. Here’s a clip from the interview as well as her comments underneath that:

When I reflect back, yeah, it was all very rushed. I wish there was some psychiatric assessment.

At the end of the day I feel like it should have been explored into why I had these feelings and not just accepted for what they were.

When you’re on that pathway it’s hard to come out of that, and after those drastic changes have already happened to your body is hard to basically admit that you’ve gone down the wrong path.

You can’t change your sex. I mean, you can appear a certain way. If you had me on like a couple years ago, I would have had the same story saying that it’s saved my life and I’m in a much better position.

But the point is that teenagers can’t comprehend how it’s gonna affect their adult life. People may say that it’s helped them but for how long? For two, five, ten years? It’s very flippant.

The treatment going ahead I think is down to the institutions.

There needs to be some institutional changes. Again, which is why I’m taking the case, because there’s so many factors into why these kids have been influenced to transition.

I think it’s very important that constitutional changes are made.

That’s a hell of a stance to take. The Tavistock Clinic have stated that theirs is a safe and thoughtful service that puts the interests of patients and their families first, but it’s certainly possible that there needs to be a re-evaluation of their methods after what Keira has come out and said. We’ll await the judgment of the court.

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