Wolverhampton Has Been Named As Britain’s Fattest Town

There are over 300 takeaways.

I grew up in Birmingham and found myself going to Wolverhampton every now and again to see bands because for some reason they always used to stop there instead of the big city – saw Blink 182, Alkaline Trio etc there – and I didn’t really think much of it, but I never thought it would be named the sixth worst place to live in the world or the fattest town in Britain.

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These are two of the accolades that the Wolf Town has managed to pick up over the last decade though, with Lonely Planet announcing it was the sixth worst place to live near the start of the 2010s and the information coming out today that more than one in five kids living there is clinically obese. That’s a big number. That translates to 1429 dangerously overweight kids and 428 reaching the criteria or severe obesity.

This probably isn’t helped by the fact that there are over 300 takeaways in the town – that’s something like one for every 850 residents. Sheesh. Here’s what a spokesman for Wolverhampton City Council had to say about about it:

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We recognise that childhood obesity is complex, and that there is no one magic solution; preventing childhood obesity requires consideration of a wide range of factors in a coordinated fashion over a long period of time.

Collectively we aim to embed healthy growth as a ‘new normal’ and a priority for all our work across the city, as well as focusing particularly on younger children in more deprived areas.

I mean they’re talking a good game there, but I think they really need to take drastic action to try and sort out this problem and probably more importantly to improve the image of their city so that it’s not constantly referenced as a complete and utter shithole. They’re talking about banning vending machines and McDonald’s advertising, but I think they really need to step up and actually do these things if they want to see a change. Seriously.

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