Woke Snowflakes Slam New Weetabix Advert Showing Wolf Eating Three Little Pigs

This is a bit much.

I think everyone knows the story of the three little pigs and their houses made of straw, wood and brick and how the Big Bad Wolf came along and blew the less sturdy ones down and ate them, but given the current climate it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that people are trying to cancel the story for being too graphic and violent.

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The controversy started thanks to a new Weetabix advert which turns the fable upside down by claiming that the Big Bad Wolf was able to blow down the house made of bricks because he had eaten his Weetabix in the morning and that had made him more powerful. Fits in with their whole branding doesn’t it, should be a fairly safe, funny take on a classic fable that helps promote their product, right?

Well you would think that, but apparently a bunch of people had a problem with the ‘graphic depiction’ of the pigs being eaten, whilst others though it was stupid because it proved that Weetabix didn’t even fill you up properly because the wolf had to eat three pigs afterwards. Here’s the advert and a couple of the best reactions:

Jesus Christ some people are wet aren’t they? I can kinda get the people who think they’re really smart tweeting about how it’s a stupid advert because it shows Weetabix isn’t that filling – spoiler alert, you smug idiots need to get a life and spend your life doing something more useful than criticising adverts – but the people that find the advert ‘traumatic’ and ‘dark’ must have actually never seen anything other than cartoons all their life or something. Like never even read a newspaper or anything, that’s the level of patheticness I’m talking about.

The advert is like the tamest and lamest 20 seconds of animation ever and what’s more it’s not even that much different to the classic fable that everyone is told as a child. It’s just a bit of fun guys geez, calm down and stop getting so offended about stuff that isn’t even slightly offensive. Really. Ain’t gonna win you any friends.

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