Wiz Khalifa Celebrated 4/20 By Doing The 10 Puff Challenge With His Mum (VIDEO)

Mum goals?

Combine the fact that today is 4/20 with the fact that everyone is locked down in their houses right now and it’s safe to say there is a TON of weed being smoked today.

However, how many people can say they’re smoking weed with their mums? Well Wiz Khalifa is (on Instagram Live while social distancing, duh), and not only is he smoking with her, but they’re doing the 10 Puff Challenge:

Who knew that Mrs Khalifa was an absolute bunhead just like her son? Well it’s hardly the most surprising thing in the world to be fair. Also the 10 puff challenge must get you absolutely blasted. Back when I was a big weed smoker we would have someone take a blow back and then two of us would turn them upside down and shake them as they held the smoke in, before exhaling when we turned them over. Coins and keys would go flying everywhere, and it was completely dumb now that I think about it. But I wish we’d given it a name at least.

Anyway, happy 4/20 to everyone celebrating it out there. And shout out coronavirus for wrecking what would have been an entire month of 4/20. Maybe next century again?

To watch a man spark up a joint in front of a judge after being found guilty of possession, click HERE. Real smart.


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