Apparently The Reason It’s So Hot Is Because A Bunch Of Witches Put A Curse On The Moon


If you were wondering why it’s so damn hot outside (beyond, you know, the fact that it’s July), apparently it’s because a bunch of witches put a ‘hex’ or evil spell on the moon and the sun is pissed off about it.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Here’s Twitter user ‘jupiter’ aka @heyyadoraa to break it down:

O….K then. My initial instinct here was to write this off as a load of nonsense, but just look at the engagement on those Tweets! So many people are taking it seriously or are at least Liking/ReTweeting because it’s so ridiculous they want all their friends to see it too.

But let’s just pretend this is all legit for a moment. Why the hell would you put a curse on the Moon of all things? Don’t these witches know about the powerful company that the Moon keeps? Like jupiter says Apollo is the God of the Sun and he hasn’t taken lightly to these witches putting a hex on his sister Artemis AKA the Goddess of the Moon. Which could explain why they plan to put a hex on the Sun next, which is strongly inadvisable in my view. I mean imagine thinking for a second that you could mess with the Sun and win, even if you’re a witch?

And what a time to do it too! In the middle of a pandemic where the last thing we need is the Sun to get pissed off at us and basically fry us all into oblivion. In fact, maybe that’s exactly what we need and what the endgame of these witches really is. Personally I hope cooler witch heads prevail and all the more reasonable witches out there reverse the hex or at least apologise to the Sun and Moon and ask them to take it easy on us. Otherwise we are well and truly fucked.

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