There Was Uproar In Zimbabwe As The ‘Mister Ugly’ Competition Winner Was Deemed Too Handsome

Mister Ugly Competition Winner

I don’t really know what they’re getting at here because this guy is ugly as hell.

We brought you details of Zimbabwe’s annual ‘Mister Ugly’ competition last week, and how one contestant named William Masvino was hoping to win it for the fourth year in a row.

There was great controversy at the event though when the judges picked his rival Mison Sere to win the title. Many in attendance – including Masvino himself unsurprisingly – didn’t think that Sere was ‘naturally ugly’ enough, and had only won the competition because he didn’t have any front teeth and could make weird and scary facial expressions. To be fair, he might have a point – the competition has previously said it was all about ‘natural ugliness’ and disabilities or ‘enhancements’ would not be accepted.

Masvino and his supporters mobbed the judges upon hearing the decision, protesting wildly by pushing them around and shouting. Fortunately nobody was hurt during the incident, but Masvino (pictured below) is not going down quietly, saying the following:

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William Masvinu

I am naturally ugly. He is not. He is ugly only when he opens his mouth.

Do we have to lose our teeth to win? This is cheating.

I suppose he might have a point there, but it’s still hilarious to think that all these people are actively arguing and shouting over which one of them is the ugliest and how you define ugliness. I mean who would want that crown in the first place and who would care that much to kick up a fuss about it? You don’t even get that much of a prize – the purse is only $500.

This didn’t bother Sere though, who was positively stoked about his win:

They are sore losers.

They should just accept that I am uglier than them.

I hope to get a TV contract.

I already moved around schools performing and showcasing my ugliness so this is a chance to make it on TV.

Good luck with that one mate. Meanwhile, one of the judges Abigail Mataranyika offered the following advice to Masvino if he tries to reclaim his title next year:

Sere made tremendous effort to enhance his ugliness by pulling facial stunts.

Masvinu thought he is so ugly that he didn’t need to try hard.

That cost him the crown.

Ouch. Turns out just being ugly these days just isn’t enough. Maybe Masvino needs to take some advice from those involved in the world gurning competitions for next time.


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