This Man Is Hoping To Win ‘Mister Ugly’ Competition For The Fourth Consecutive Year

I think we’ve all got a mate that could win this.

We all know a few munters that we could put forward for this competition, but most of them would be pissed off. Unlike William Masvinu, who is proudly defending his 3-year reign as ‘Mister Ugly’.

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The Zimbabwean contest has been around since 2011, and Masvinu has been champ since 2012, but this year his title could be under threat. The competition organisers have said that there’s a record number of applicants this time around, and for the first time in its history, the ugly pageant will have a knock-out stage to take the field of mingers from 36 to 12.

Organiser David Machowa said:

We are looking for natural ugliness.

People have always seen ugliness as something to be ashamed of. Looks are God-given. We should all be proud of who we are.


The ugly champ doesn’t live off his fame, unfortunately, and works in a market hauling vegetables for $10 a day, so the $1000 top prize that’s up for grabs could be majorly beneficial.

I hope an ugly competition starts up over here, we definitely have plenty of candidates.


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