Love Wine? Then These Booze Flavoured Lollipops Were Made For You

Wine Lolly

The lollipop you never knew you needed.

When you’re sucking on that orange flavoured Chupa Chup have you ever felt like you would much rather be sucking on something that tasted like Cabernet Sauvignon?

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I can’t say that I have, but if you do really love the taste of wine and don’t just drink it to get off your face, then you can now buy wine flavoured lollipops to satisfy your thirst, so to speak. The lollipops are made by the company Lollyphile, who were also responsible for pizza and breastmilk flavoured lollipops – not sure why – and they come in three different flavours: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Take a look:

Wine Lollipop 1

Wine Lollipop 2

Wine Lollipop 3

Unfortunately the question that I’m sure most of you want answering is probably not going to fall down the way you want it, as none of the lollipops actually contain alcohol and it’s merely the flavour that you’ll be sampling instead. I guess if you’re trying not to drink alcohol or you’re a pregnant woman than this might be useful, but otherwise I can’t really see the point? And at $8 a pop, it’s not exactly cheap either.

But hey, if you want it, at least you know it exists. I would probably be more interested in this alcoholic beer ice cream to be honest. Way more useful.


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