Palladium Boots have given us some free boots to give away.

So the guys over at Vice and Palladium really liked the article we did about Pharrell heading over to Japan to check it out after the earthquake so decided to give us some free shoes to give away on Sick Chirpse. Thanks guys. Girls and guys can enter, we’ve got a pair of Palladium boots in green in both girls and guys sizes. For the girls we have size 6 and for the guys we’ve got size 11. You can see a picture of them above this paragraph, or in the featured image of the post.

All you have to do to enter is go over to the Sick Chirpse Facebook page and hit ‘like’ or if you’ve got a twitter too head over to the Sick Chirpse twitter page and follow us there. Or if you want you can do both because you get two entries if you do both of them. Then you have to email info@sickchirpse with your name/facebook name/twitter name and the answer to this question:

When were Palladium boots founded?

And it’s that easy. Make sure you mark the subject of your entry ‘Palladium Boots Competition’ though because we get a lot of mail these days and wouldn’t want to miss it. The winner will get announced on January 2nd 2012. So you know, if you play your cards right maybe you’ll be entering the new year with a fancy new pair of Palladium boots. Brap.


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