William Control Is Selling All Of His Belongings To Pay For A Divorce Lawyer After Sex Cult Allegations


Hard times.

You might remember a couple of months ago when we were the first website to cover the allegations against emo singer William Control – basically that he was running a BDSM sex cult and beating the shit out of girls on the reg because he refused to integrate a safe word into their role play –

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Since then, things have gone from bad to worse for the guy as more mainstream news publications eventually picked up on the story and he was forced to retire from the music industry and his wife left him. He’s been fairly quiet since then but re-emerged on social media yesterday to announce that he was selling all of his belongings to pay for a divorce lawyer. Here are the pots from his Instagram account:

I mean damn it really does sound like he’s in a pickle if he’s selling all his stuff – I know it’s pretty heartbreaking when you have to seek your old guitars for example – but I suppose if he wasn’t such an awful trash person in the first place then this wouldn’t have happened so it’s swings and roundabouts really. Having said that though, some of the stuff he’s selling really is scraping the barrel – he’s selling a used pair of underwear from an old video shoot for $75 FFS. Really hope nobody actually ends up buying those but I’ve got a feeling that somebody will and he’s gonna make a shit tonne of money from selling all of this crap. Not convinced that all of that is going to go on lawyer’s fees either but so it goes I guess.

Anyway, I’m not gonna link to his sale because he’s a piece of trash, but what you should do is check out his wife’s GoFundMe page and buy something she’s offering and support her. She needs it a lot more than he does, that’s for sure.

For the real story, check out all the other stuff we ran about him before. It’s messed up.


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