Will Smith And Jazzy Jeff Reunite In Las Vegas To Perform Summertime

Will Smith Jazzy Jeff Reunion

Something very special happened over the weekend.

Over the weekend in Las Vegas, for some reason there was an impromptu Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff reunion at the Palms Casino Resort and – as you might expect – it absolutely brought the house down.

Jazzy Jeff was DJing and then out of nowhere Will Smith popped up with his shirt off and rapped along to his verse of ‘Summertime’ before getting on the mic again and doing his own version of ‘Jump On It’. The crowd went wild. Big Will also had time to take the selfie of him and Jazzy Jeff that you can see above.

All in all a pretty good weekend, although maybe not as good as the time Will Smith crashed a party and rapped The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme.


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