Wiley Goes On Crazy Antisemitic Rant, Asks ‘Why Did Hitler Hate You? For Nothing?’

Not again.

Um… because he was a psychotic racist? That could go some way to explaining why Hitler hated Jews (and every other group that didn’t fit his Aryan ideal – not sure if Wiley knows that). Does Wiley realise that blaming Jews for the Holocaust is like blaming slaves for the slave trade? Using his own twisted logic, Wiley’s ancestors were sold into slavery, brutalised, and treated like second class citizens because they must’ve done something to deserve it.

Twitter this week suspended a new account set up by Wiley (following his previous suspension for antisemitic Tweets) after he shared a picture of himself dressed as an Orthodox Jew and videos about “Satanic Jews” and “Jewish faces” controlling “black music”.

I mean I’ve heard about ‘blackface’ before, but Jewface?

So yeah, not sure if Wiley really believes the nonsense he’s spewing or if he’s just trolling for the hell of it at this point, but either way he’s being utter prat and not doing himself any favours whatsoever. Remember when he was actually cool?

For the full story on how Wiley and Dizzee Rascal fell out 20 years ago, click HERE.


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