Wild Boar Emerges OUT OF NOWHERE On Packed Beach In Poland, Starts Attacking Everyone (VIDEO)

Imagine chilling on the beach, and then this guy shows up.

A wild boar sent families running and screaming for their lives this week after it charged up on a beach in Karwia, Poland.

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At one point a man gets tossed into the air over his windbreaker and another man gets bundled over as well.

Apparently the wild boar was chilling in the ocean but freaked out after being forced ashore by a jetskier.

Just when you think you’re going to have a nice, relaxing day on the beach, something like this throws the whole day into a tailspin. I mean we already lug our towels, sunblock, food, drink etc on the beach, now apparently we need to plan for encountering wild boars as well?

Who knows, perhaps the boar was just trying to get them all to join him in the sea for a swim. Either way, I hope they didn’t kill it.


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