Completely Messed Up Video Shows Saudi Men On Safari Killing And Beheading A Giraffe


What the actual fuck?

A completely messed up video has emerged on YouTube this week of a couple of men on a different kind of safari adventure in South Africa.

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The guys are said to be from Saudi Arabia and travelling through South Africa on a safari where they decide it’s a good idea to shoot a wild giraffe in the body. Once it’s dead, they done run over to it shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then proceed to cut of its head for some reason – I’m assuming so they can mount it on their mantelpiece back home in the desert or something.

Whatever they have planned for it though, it’s fucking rank watching it in person below so if you don’t feel up to it or are vegan or something then don’t watch it:

Geez. That probably isn’t going to do anti Islamic sentiment much good over here but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t really matter what race these people are because I’m fairly sure people of all races are getting up to this all the time.

And basically it’s screwed up and needs to stop, but then again I suppose complaining about things like this when you eat meat isn’t that much better than complaining about the Chinese dog meat festivals when you’re not a vegetarian. Even if I do eat meat though I think shooting and decapitating a wild giraffe isn’t all that and shouldn’t be happening, so sue me.


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