Wigan’s Owner Allegedly Made A Bet On Them Getting Relegated And Placed Them In Administration To Win


Don’t normally do stories about football corruption here on Sick Chirpse as most readers would rather see a picture of Beyonce’s butt or something, but this one is pretty crazy and I can’t really believe that it’s actually happening and isn’t the plot of a dumb TV show like ‘Dream Team’ or something.

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Those of you that follow championship football might have seen that Wigan were recently placed in administration and deducted 12 points, which if applied this season will push them into the relegation zone. Initially it’s easy to pass this off as mismanagement of a football club – all too common these days – but this thread from a Wigan fan implies that something far more sinister is going on:

I mean I guess this guy is saying that all this is a theory, but when you’re a fan of a football team like this then you’re gonna look into it from every possible angle and that seems like what he’s done and something just doesn’t add up how it’s been presented to the public and his theory certainly makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? It’s kind of a common knowledge that foreign owners use football clubs to launder money and so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that one of them would pull something like this to make a shit load of money out of a team’s relegation out of nowhere.

Just kinda crazy that someone actually had the balls to go through with it and didn’t think anyone would find out, considering how obvious it seems connecting the dots here. Of course, this guy could be completely wrong, but there’s normally no smoke without fire, you know?

Hopefully Wigan get out of it somehow, but either way it seems like we’ll be hearing a lot about this in the coming months. Probably in a Netflix or Prime documentary.

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