Wife, 66, ‘Stabbed Herself In The Vagina Then Blamed It On Husband She Shot Dead’

Must have been quite the gash.

A 66-year-old lady stabbed herself in her own vagina to try and make it look like she killed her husband in self-defense, reports the Metro.

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Linda Doyle has been arrested over the death of husband James Doyle, 71, in Foley, Alabama, despite claiming she only shot him after he’d stabbed her multiple times in the vagina and abdomen as she slept.

Prosecutors insist she actually stabbed herself in an elaborate set-up to give her an excuse to kill James. The killer wife dialed 911 on the evening of James’ death, saying she’d been in a violent fight with her husband. When police showed up, they found the couple sprawled in agony on the floor of their home, with James pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

According to neighbours, the Doyles were quiet and ‘really nice,’ and that there was no indication their home was a violent one. Isn’t that often the case?

Foley Police say Doyle had contacted them about other alleged incidents of domestic abuse prior to shooting her husband, although it’s unclear if anything became of those reports. She is now being held in jail in lieu of $100,000 bond.

Maybe there was something in this couple’s history with the police that led investigators to conclude that Linda stabbed herself in the vagina, or maybe they ascertained it from the angles at which she was stabbed but either way – what a move stabbing yourself in your own vagina. I mean that must have been quite the gash. Imagine how confused her husband must have been waking up to see his wife bleeding from the vag before shooting him to death. The poor guy must’ve died completely baffled.

So yeah, a commendable effort by Linda on framing her dead husband for vaginal assault, but it didn’t quite work out the way she’d hoped. Can’t fault the dedication in taking a knife to her own vagina though. Yeowch.

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