Why And How To Book An Elevator During Your Move?

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So, are you ready to move? Congratulations on buying your dream apartment. No matter whether you have hired professionals for the move or you have embarked on a do it yourself move, in both cases, you need to stay away from the congestion during the moving process. Once you have decided on a date to move then the most crucial step you have to do is to book the elevator so that you will not face any congestion. It might be the case that on the same day, other flat owners might be moving.

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As per the trusted cross country movers in the network of, an apartment living comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore you should plan everything in advance so that you don’t have to face challenges later. Living in an apartment provides you the required convenience as you don’t have to take care of any kind of utilities.

First of all, know the restrictions if present in booking the elevator!!!

There are different rules and regulations implied on booking of the elevators of any building and before starting the procedure, you should know those protocols of the building. And if the building has only one elevator then there might be lots of restrictions in booking an elevator for it. There are also some restrictions like only booking is allowed at a certain date and time of the year and if there are any fees associated with it then make sure you know everything in detail before you embark on the mission and have regrets regarding it.

You should also think about the availability of the elevator because it can be booked already in the same slot as you want.

Reserve an elevator to not compete with the other incoming/outgoing resident

You can reserve an elevator for a short period often just for two hours. That is why it is recommended you to save the booked time for the large furniture items. It will make the entire shipping task easier. If you reserve the elevator for the day then you can keep the doors of the elevator open till the time you want and can keep it on the same floor also. To reserve the elevator, you have to apply the management of the building.

Book the elevator in advance

Whenever you decide to move to a new location, you should apply at the same time. The earlier you start the process, the easier you can book the elevator.

Value the time you get

When you book the elevator, you will get to know the window time for which you have got the elevator. You should plan in advance how you will use this time and what are large for which you should utilize this booked elevator time. Prepare a strategy that what are the items that could be transferred into the elevator and what items could only be transported through the stairs because of their bulky shape and size.

Finally, go to the elevator management

Once you know all the details of booking then it is time to file an application to the management while following all the rules and regulations. Sometimes, managements might ask for a special form while some want just a letter with the moving date and time. Your main responsibility is to assure the safety of the property while transporting it.

Why reserving an elevator is a great option?

Reserving your elevator is great to transfer all the items with ease and effectively else you might face a big problem of congestion later because, on the same day, there might be an apartment owner who is moving in and out making the entire process very difficult for you even when you have hired the professional movers.

To get the elevator free at a certain period of time so you can stop it wherever you want and whenever you want as per your convenience else taking all the belongings via stairs is not the child play and you might also have to wait for the hours standing in front of the elevator. Booking it in advance is only the way to get rid of this hassle and to transport all the belongings safely and effectively.


It is recommended you to plan ahead regarding the move so that later, you don’t find yourself in any big problem. Do you know the best time when you can normally use the elevator without any congestion is between the 9 to 5 job times because this is the time when all the people of the building are on their work and you are free to ship all the items at the apartment easily?

Tip: Since all your home belongings will come in a large truck, therefore, it will need the parking space also and almost all the apartment building has their rules and regulations, therefore, you need to look for the parking space and should take permission for it before the moving day along with the elevator.


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