Whoopi Goldberg Is Launching Her Own Marijuana Company

Whoopi Goldberg Weed

Weed By Whoopi.

Whoopi Goldberg, star of Sister Act, has announced that she will become the latest celebrity to capitalise on the legalisation of marijuana for medical use over in the US. We’ve already seen the likes of Snoop Dogg releasing his own strain of weed, but now Goldberg has decided to embark on a green-related ‘joint’ venture.

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She has announced that she has entered a partnership with Maya Elisabeth, founder of the all-female edible marijuana company Om Edibles, and that the pair will be releasing a range of products. The new line will also target women exclusively and is likely to consist of balms, tinctures, bath soaks and sipping chocolates – each infused with the active compound in Marijuana, THC. The products will be available in California, where weed is legal for medicinal purposes and are being sold under the pretence of easing period cramps.

Whoopi Goldberg

Speaking to USA Today, Whoopi explained that the project is no joke:

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I want to go nice and slow with this. I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women.

The actress has been a longstanding advocate of marijuana-legalisation, having both smoked and sipped the drug in tea form regularly in the past. Nowadays she admits that she uses a vape pen filled with THC infused oil to ease her frequent headaches:

This is a nice quiet way that I can be part of this. It had to help people if I were going to be involved.

If it’s good enough for Whoopi, it’s good enough for me. Although, I knew it was too much of a coincidence that nuns had suddenly started growing weed – it must be something to do with this.


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