Who Has Better Orgasms: Men Or Women?


The eternal question finally answered.

Everyone knows sex is great but it’s usually only absolutely incredible if you actually achieve an orgasm.

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We all know that if you’re a guy, then you’re more likely to achieve this through sexual intercourse than a girl, but have you ever actually thought about whether or not males or females have better orgasms? I can’t honestly say that I have – although now that I think about it, it does seem like girls have more fun when they’re climaxing. Luckily the guys over at ASAP Science have done the research and developed the video below to try and come up with a definitive answer:

That’s a lot of information eh? I think the most notable thing about that which I didn’t already know was that women can get wet dreams as well as men – that’s kinda weird, but definitely cool. If you think a wet dream is cool, that is.

Despite all the stats and information contained in the video, I’m not sure if they actually came to a conclusion. I think it reinforced my opinion that girls have more fun though and so their orgasms are better. Jealous.

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