White Yardie: Channel 4 Hit With OfCom Complaints After Comedian’s Jamaican Heritage Is Questioned

Big up Yardie for how he handled this.

So basically Ofcom has been hit with a bunch of complaints over this panel discussion on Channel 4 show Unapologetic, which featured comedian and AFTV regular White Yardie having to defend his Jamaican heritage.

The main charges against White Yardie were that it felt wrong – to music journalist Nicolas Tyrell-Scott anyway – that a white man born in England then raised in Jamaica for the next 18 years considered himself ‘Jamaican’ or ‘part of Jamaican culture’. I mean the way he asks Yardie when he *decided* he was Jamaican was just passive aggressive to the max. Credit to Yardie – he kept cool and was graceful throughout the discussion, in which he had to endure a couple more cringe moments…

Again, big up Yardie for how he handled the situation. Meanwhile, Nicolas Tyrell-Scott has disabled his social media accounts after getting absolutely rinsed by everyone who watched the show and was offended on Yardie’s behalf. It’s good to see open and honest conversations about difficult issues taking place on mainstream channels, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a prick about things, does it? Lesson learned.

Speaking of authentic Jamaicans, anyone heard from Chet Hanks recently?


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