White Supremacist Asks Why There’s No ‘Christian ISIS’; Muslim Lawyer Drops A+ Response

Qasim Rashid

Shut down.

A moronic white supremacist decided to ask the completely ignorant question: “Where’s the Christian version of ISIS?”

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Did he just forget the last 400 years? Thankfully a Muslim lawyer from Washington, Qasim Rashid, was there to put this idiot in his place and give him a quick and thorough recap of the Christian extremists who have taken the same path as ISIS over the past several hundred years.

I’d say that was a good, to-the-point overview of just some of the horrific crimes Christian extremists have carried out in history. It appears that many people were grateful for this recap as the post has received over 74,000 retweets and many messages of approval:

For more racists getting their comeuppance, here’s a mum dropping an absolute bombshell on her son’s racist Facebook rant. Mums always know best.


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