White People Entering George Floyd Square Are Greeted With Special Instructions

How do you feel about this?

Following the news of Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict earlier this week, a sign has gone up at George Floyd Square at East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis giving instructions to anyone visiting the area, and extra special instructions for white people.

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Have a gander:

Hmm. Is that helpful? Is it something that needs to be said in the current climate over in America? Reaction on Twitter was mixed:

Seems like very split opinion indeed. Wonder if it might’ve been a better idea to generalise that message rather than aim it at a specific group? Maybe that’s just how damaged race relations are right now over in Minneapolis. It’s bound to get better soon though with Joe Biden & Kamala Harris in charge, right? Right?


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For a look at the 18 violent complaints Derek Chauvin had against him during his time as a police officer, click HERE. Seems there was something of a pattern.


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