White Man Turns Black After Liver Transplant

How is this even possible?

A white man who was given a new liver from an African-American donor claims that his skin is actually starting to turn black since getting the operation.

65 year old Semen Gendler (unfortunate name) was in desperate need of a liver after being diagnosed with hepatitis C and cancer, and arranged to fly to the US from his home in Russia to have the life-saving operation.

He said:

Russian doctors made it quite clear to me that if I didn’t have a liver transplant I would not live.

I do a lot of business in the US with partners in New York, and I asked them to help me arrange for the operation where if you have enough money it is possible to do it more quickly than in Russia.

Fortunately I was able to afford the cost of the $500,000 [£325,000] operation, in Russia I would have had to wait too long for a donor.

He thought his mate was joking when he told him he was literally changing colour:

I noticed that his skin was getting darker. When he told me they had given him the liver of an African-American man, I guess that was probably the reason for the colour change.

I have known my friend for years and he has always been if anything extremely pale, and now for the first time ever he is becoming dark skinned.


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Semen (still can’t believe that’s his name) isn’t that fussed though, all things considered:

I could end up much darker than this to be honest, I don’t care. The main thing is that the liver works and I am healthy.

It’s incredible, I am now so full of energy and living between two cities in New York and Krasnodar and if my skin ends up dark who cares, I certainly don’t.

His doctors have struggled to come up with an explanation, and are reluctant to say the black dude’s liver is the cause because it sounds completely crazy, but there can’t really be any other reason unless this guy’s been sunbathing a lot more often than usual, can there?

We’re happy for him, so long as he doesn’t start corn-rolling his hair and actually telling everyone he’s black like another white person we could mention.


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