Theresa May ‘The Porn Star’ Is The Latest Big Hit On PornHub

Absolute shocker.

In a shock twist in the current political climate, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has become a huge hit for online porn searches. But it’s not what you think. Turns out, there’s another Theresa May with a far more explicit background than our PM.

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This all started when Theresa May was set to meet Donald Trump today in an attempt to rekindle the ‘special relationship’ between the United States and the UK. However, this took a kinky turn when the White House press team kept spelling her name without an ‘H’, which is the spelling for UK porn star ‘Teresa May’. As a result, many people online have been mixing up the two. Here’s THERESA MAY:


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And here’s TERESA MAY:

Teresa May

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And here is how the White House press keep spelling the name of our PM:

Teresa May

Teresa May 2

I mean sure, it’s an easy mistake to make but the devil really is in the details when your name is so similar to that of a porn star’s. Sort it out guys.

To read more about Teresa May (the porn star), click HERE.


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