A White Civilian Pulled An AR-53 On Protesters In Upland, California

What is going on?

It’s pretty much impossible to miss what’s going on over in America right now as Black Lives Matter protesters continue to draw attention to the fact that policemen over there get away with killing black people all the time and it seems like the situation is only going to get worse following some of the events last night.

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Over in Upland, California – kind of a suburb of Los Angeles – there were some pretty unbelievable scenes where a white man pulled a massive AR-15 on a bunch of protesters who seemed to be acting peacefully. The whole incident was captured by a news reporter named Alex V and amazingly ended up with the white man arrested and the protesters and riot police who rocked up shaking hands and seemingly respecting each other, with many of the protesters heading back tot heir homes after the curfew was imposed.

Kinda unbelievable that the situation didn’t escalate to be honest:

In fairness though here, it looks like the cops have actually done the right thing for once as it’s being reported that the man was arrested and will either be charged with brandishing a weapon or assault with a deadly weapon. Of course though, the fact is that if this man had been black and doing a similar action than he would probably already be dead right now and this is why everyone is protesting right now.

Hopefully sharing this and the fact the video seems to have gone viral will do something to change the conversation here, but given how Trump seems adamant about being as much of a dickhead and as hardline as possible about all this I’m not that confident. Some people will be educated at least I suppose.

For more of the same, here’s a supercut of all the police brutality from the last week in America. It’s a mess over there right now.


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