Where’s Wally: The Movie

If someone made a movie of Where’s Waldo? how would you imagine it? With Waldo as an ex- secret agent getting revenge on the government? No, me neither, but this guy did.

So I posted the Where’s Wally in Mos Eisley artwork a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t realise it was going to signal a fully fledged Where’s Wally? (or Waldo as the case may be) comeback. As an aside don’t you think it’s weird that Wally is called Waldo in America? Why the hell did they decide to change it for overseas marketing? What’s the difference really? It makes more sense that Wally’s enemy is called Odlaw if you know he’s called Waldo in America though. Because Odlaw is Waldo spelled backwards, duh.

Anyway, I stumbled across this on twitter a couple of days ago and it’s pretty hilarious, and I don’t normally say that about stupid fan made trailers that think they’re really funny when 99% of the time they’re just stupid and crap and unfunny. This one is different though. It imagines Waldo as a special undercover secret agent who’s special talent is blending in in crowds. That’s a pretty good pitch if you ask me. Anyway, he’s been hiding out in the woods after his retirement when the government comes looking for him for one last job. So it’s pretty much the Bourne Identity or anyone of those stupid secret agent ‘just when I thought I was out they drag me back in’ movies. Except the trailer then goes super violent and seems more like it’s Max Payne 3 than Where’s Waldo.

It’s actually really good though, and probably looks better than most of the movies that are going to come out this summer. I would probably even pay money and go and see it in the cinema. I don’t do that very often. Check out the Where’s Waldo: The Movie trailer below and maybe leave a comment on YouTube trying to get the dude who made it to make a full movie version of it.

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