APP: Find Girls In Your Area With ‘Where The Ladies At’

To quote Mr Flo Rida, where are dem girls at? There’s an app for that!

Now during my life on earth it has become apparent as to where you can normally find ladies. I generally find them on leaving the house and in such places as the street, the supermarket, the library, I’ve even found them in public houses. But as with most things in life some people need a push in the right direction, and there is where the “where the ladies at” app for the iPhone and Android comes in handy, well handy if you happen to live in San Francisco, New York or Austin.

The app works by using the foursquare application program interface and basically pointing a big red compass in the direction of where ladies have checked in, that’s it. Now it would be a tad presumptuous to say that only desperate needy people would use such an app and in some cases that would be true. But if the internet has taught us anything the internet is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Many a time I have logged into Facebook and strange men have been offering their “friendship” to complete strangers, “u wana see my cok?” being the most poetic to date. But that said, people who are out and about looking for busy nightspots with the potential of meeting their soul mate then wheres the harm hey? Whether the app can be deemed formidable or not is debatable. If you’re of sound mind I don’t see any harm in the app whatsoever, if you regularly go round pestering women to succumb to your whiny need for attention, I would stay in with the door locked and give your head a good wobble.

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One last point in relation to this app, it generates data using the foursquare check ins of a person’s first name. So it would be wise to check names such as “Sam” “Jay” “Jo” etc… before splashing the Brut on.


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