Where Are They Now? The Kids From Stephen King’s ‘It’ TV Series


Some floated, some sunk.

Stephen King’s ‘It’  is back, with a brand-new movie and a brand new Pennywise the clown.

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For a whole other generation of TV fans though, there will only ever be one incarnation of the child-killing clown and it’s not the one involving Bill Skarsgard.

No, 27 years ago a very different actor was terrorising fans old and new – Tim Curry. Among the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ actor’s most iconic roles, Curry went on to enjoy plenty of success in the years that followed – ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York’ was only the start.

But what about the young actors that made up that original incarnation of the Loser’s Club? Well, it turns out they have enjoyed some pretty mixed fortunes in the years since. And while it might sound like a cliché, some of this will genuinely surprise you. Let’s take a look.

Seth Green – Richie Tozier

1. Seth Green – Richie Tozier

Undoubtedly the most famous actor to emerge from the Loser’s Club that featured in the 1990 miniseries, Seth Green played the potty-mouthed Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier, a character known for his iffy impressions.

An accomplished actor with credits like ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ to his name, these days Green is better known for his writing and voice work. He’s Chris Griffin on ‘Family Guy’ and is one of the inspired minds behind the popular Adult Swim online series ‘Robot Chicken’. He also continues to work steadily as an actor on the big and small screen.

Marlon Taylor – Mike Hanlon

2. Marlon Taylor – Mike Hanlon

Marlon Taylor played Mike Hanlon, the only African American member of the Loser’s Club and the last kid to join the gang after they rescue him from bullies who had him trapped in a gravel pit. Taylor followed up his appearance on the ‘It’ miniseries with a stint on the short-lived TV series ‘You Take The Kids’ before embarking on a 15-year hiatus from acting.

Or at least that’s what IMDB would have you believe. Taylor appears to have taken a massive break from the big screen before returning for the film ‘Know Thy Enemy’. Except the Marlon Taylor that appeared in that movie also claimed in an interview that it was his first movie. Then again, It wasn’t technically a film…

Adam Faraizi – Eddie Kaspbrak

3. Adam Faraizi – Eddie Kaspbrak

Adam Faraizi’s Eddie Kaspbrak was one of the founding members of the Loser’s Club and arguably among the best friends of the gang’s would-be leader Bill Denbrough. A sickly child, known as something of a hypochondriac, his character nevertheless summons the courage to take on Pennywise the clown. Faraizi enjoyed some notable success in the wake of ‘It’, appearing in the movies ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ and ‘RoboCop 2’ before leaving the business to focus on his studies.

After graduating from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada with a degree in Pacific & Asian Studies, Faraizi became an expert in the Japanese rice wine, saké. He’s now working as a resident beverage director at KenichiI in Austin, Texas. Bet you didn’t expect that.

Emily Perkins – Beverly Marsh

4. Emily Perkins – Beverly Marsh

Emily Perkins played Beverly Marsh, the only female in the gang. An innocent young girl subjected to abuse at the hands of her father in the series, she’s also the subject of affection for two members of the gang. Perkins has continued to work in the horror genre since It – she played the central protagonist in the cult Canadian werewolf movie franchise, ‘Ginger Snaps’, which is well worth a watch.

Perkins also appeared on the hit series ‘Supernatural’ and has had small roles in popular movies like ‘Juno’, ‘Prozac Nation’ and ‘She’s the Man’. So she probably met Channing Tatum.

Ben Heller – Stanley Uris

5. Ben Heller – Stanley Uris

Ben Heller played Stanley Uris, one of the only Jewish children to attend school in Derry, Maine and finds himself coming in for unwanted attention from bullies as a result.

A clean freak with a touch of OCD about him, Heller may have put in a memorable turn as the character but it’s actually proven to be his only acting credit to date. He’s since shunned the world of showbiz and, though details remain sketchy, it would appear he’s instead moved into the world of sales. He must have the gift of the gab.

Brandon Crane – Ben Hanscom

6. Brandon Crane – Ben Hanscom

Brandon Crane did a fine job as the young Ben Hanscom on the original miniseries. Among the kindest and most sensitive members of the Loser’s Club, Hanscom was picked on by the local bullies for the fact he was overweight. Like the grown-up version of his character in ‘It’, the real-life Crane has had the last laugh.

A successful businessman who revels in his past as a washed-up actor (his words) he owns several LA-based businesses, including the marketing and advertising firm Solid Fuel Creative. Nice one, Brandon!

Jonathan Brandis – Bill Denbrough

7. Jonathan Brandis – Bill Denbrough

Among the most experienced child stars to feature in Stephen King’s ‘It’, Brandis played the pivotal role of Bill Denbrough, the boy whose brother’s death sparks the exploration of the Pennywise myth. Brandis appeared in a whole host of roles throughout the 90s, including ‘The NeverEnding Story II’, ‘Sidekicks’, ‘Ladybugs’ and the hit TV show ‘SeaQuest DSV’.

But when the latter series was eventually cancelled in 1996, he experienced something of a career downturn. Though he landed a string of smaller parts in TV movies, film work was hard to come by. Brandis had looked on course for a comeback after being cast in the Bruce Willis/Colin Farrell film ‘Hart’s War’. His scenes were ultimately cut from the finished film and, according to friends, it proved to be a tipping point. Brandis committed suicide in 2003. He was just 27 at the time. RIP – a tragic end to the original Loser’s Club member.

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