When Taxidermy Goes Wrong


Taxidermy: is it weird or is it art? Either way, these pictures are pretty funny. Heal your festival blues.


It’s really shit when your pet dies. I cried like fvck the first time I experienced it. My cat got run over. It was really grim because her brain was oozing out of her head and her eyes were bulging out of her skull, making her look like Steve Buscemi, and the only amount of death I’d experienced back then was Bambi’s mother, really. It hit me hard but we got another pussy instead and she’s pretty awesome, chilled as fvck, and I guess it softened the blow of the death of my first cat.

I really did love that cat but I don’t think I’m affectionate/warped enough to have taken her to a taxidermist or something and hang her on my wall like some fvcking trophy. I mean, she was dead so why would I want to look at her frozen features every time I strolled through the living room or wherever? Nightmare. If I’d done it, it would have majorly fucked my brain vibes up and I probably would have released my own snuff film by now. At least I’d be famous, though, eh?

Some people, though, like to keep their dead pets around them forever. And some people just like to play with dead animals. Taxidermy. Some people think taxidermy is weird, others think it’s art. I suppose I’m on the fence. Just sat there like Humpty Dumpty. I mean, like, stag’s heads are cool but you only ever really see them in films but there’s something about the whole thing that’s pretty fucked-up, isn’t there? I will say, though, that these pictures and this Facebook page – dedicated to bad taxidermy – has had me LOL’ing while I recover from my festival blues. Check out the pictures and if it’s your thing, then you’re not alone. We’re all fucked-up.

stuffed animals

stuffed animals 1

stuffed animals 2

stuffed animals 3

stuffed animals 4


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