This Is What Happens When A Crazy Stalker Finds Out Where You Live

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Creepy as fuck.

A guy on Reddit named Slegs thought that he would share the story of what happened when his mum attracted the unwanted attentions of a 60 year old man. Here’s the story, in his own words:

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My mom met this 60 year old guy outside her work back around Christmas and they talked a bit. He offered to fix the brakes on her car and she invited him over for dinner.

He had just moved into his apartment and so she gave him a small Christmas tree and some bed sheets we weren’t using. He started phoning her multiple times a day and she never answered.

He then showed up outside of our house yelling (he doesn’t own a car, so he rode his bike about two hours to get to our house.) My mom ended up saying she’d phone the police if he didn’t leave.

We found the Christmas tree and the sheets shoved into our mailbox with a sign that says “thanks a lot. thanks for nothing.” He later mailed a letter to our house with nothing inside and a message on the outside (shown below ) He pretty much just kept showing up at our house and leaving weird signs every so often.

Anyways, we ended up moving and got a new car and didn’t hear from him for about 4 months. Last night he showed up again and threw this soccer ball into our yard. She bought a BB gun in case he shows up again and we are getting a restraining order.

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Geez. What the hell do any of those messages even mean? They’re clearly the ramblings of somebody who isn’t all there. I hope that Slegs is OK as he’s yet to provide an update, and after all this is kind of like something you’d see happening in a late night movie on Channel 5 as a premonition for a psychopathic murder. Fingers crossed he’s cool though and this guy finally left him and his mum alone. If you’re out there Slegs, let us know.

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