The Westboro Baptist Church Have A Vine Account And The Results Are Unexpectedly Funny

The Westboro Baptist Church are synonomous with spewing hate but according to their Vine account they also have an, albeit warped, sense of humour.

You probably all know about the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re the cult-like branch of Christianity who picket soldiers’ funerals and have decided we’re all going to hell. It seems although they don’t embrace newer lifestyles, they do embrace new social networking sites, as shown with their vine account.

So you’d think that as they find enjoyment in picketing funerals they’d have no sense of humour, but their vines do sort of disagree with this. That is if you forget the message they’re attempting to promote. Also if I’m being honest some of them do have pretty good comedic timing.

Check the Vine feed of the biggest cunts on the planet below and on the next page:

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