The Leicester City Captain Celebrated By Buying Everyone A Jagerbomb In Wetherspoons

Wes Morgan Celebrating

A man of the people.

Following Leicester City’s historic title win on Monday, their captain Wes Morgan has been hanging out in Leicester every night and celebrating. You can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.

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On Tuesday night Wes decided to share the celebrations with the people by heading to a local Wetherspoons in Leicester city centre with teammate Marcin Wasilewski. He ended up buying the whole pub a round of Jagerbombs, clocking in somewhere between £150 and £200 – which is a pretty impressive round in Wetherspoons right. Some students decided to Snapchat it and now the rest is history.

Here’s what one unnamed punter had to say about it:

Wes Morgan Jagerbomb

He was buying drinks for everyone. It was brilliant.

He bought maybe 55 Jagerbombs. They seemed pretty drunk and people were desperately trying to get pictures and selfies.

At one point Wasilewski had to push everyone back because they were getting really close to them.

I suppose it would be a bit of a party atmosphere there though. Not content on almost causing a riot in Wetherspoons though, Morgan and Wasilewski then reportedly hit up a student club called Mosh – which seems a bizarre choice for men who are over 30 and pretty well paid – and partied until 3am.

They were then pictured getting a taxi home, but the first one they hailed apparently refused to take them because they were too wasted apparently. Absolute wreckheads, but I suppose you can’t really blame them when you make history like that can you? Fair play.


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