Welsh Mother Told By The Court She’s Not Allowed To Name Her Daughter Cyanide


Probably a good idea.

A Welsh woman from Powys (mid Wales apparently) has been banned from naming her daughter after the drug that killed Adolf Hitler by the Court of Appeal.

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The unnamed woman argued that she had a human right to name her children and that Cyanide was ‘a lovely, pretty name’. She also argued that it was linked with flowers and plants and was responsible for killing Hitler and Goebbels and she considered that a good thing.

However, Lady Justice King was having none of it, stating the following:

Naming a little girl after a notorious poison is simply unacceptable.

Even allowing for changes in taste, fashion and developing individual perception, Cyanide is a very odd name to give to a baby girl.

The fact that the mother in question has a history of mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse also plays into my decision.

Sodium Cyanide

The right to name the baby girl and her twin brother – who was given the name Preacher – shall now fall to their order siblings.

The courts will intervene to prevent a parent naming a child in only the most extreme cases.

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The verdict was at the Court of Appeal after social workers learned of the babies’ names and took the mother to court. She was issued with an injunction preventing her from registering their names as this but her lawyers appealed on the grounds of violating the woman’s right to respect for family life. Obviously that didn’t work out, and now both the babies and her other children have been taken from her care.

Not really sure what to think about this one. On the one hand naming a kid Cyanide isn’t going her the best start in life and is probably guaranteeing her a life as a stripper, but on the other a mother should really be able to raise her kids how she wants and that includes naming them. It seems especially harsh that they’ve taken them out of her care over this issue, but if she is mentally ill, drunk and a drug addict then that might be justified. There isn’t really enough information about that though, and without that I’ve gotta say I think the council are being dickheads here really. I might change my opinion if it turns out she’s a smackhead though.

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