eBabyNames Lists The Top 10 Weirdest Baby Names Of All Time



eBabyNames surveyed a bunch of people and managed to compile a list of the top 10 weirdest baby names of all time, and rest assured they’re all pretty fucking weird names to give your baby.

The list is as follows:

1. Zzyzx: The name of a town in California and ‘the last word in the English language’

2. Nimrod: A boy’s name of Hebrew origin, with the meaning ‘we will rebel’. Also the ‘mighty hunter’ in Genesis

3. Moo: Five couples gave their baby girls the onomatopoeic name in 2011

4. Lucifer: A boy’s name that is associated with ‘devil’ but actually signifies ‘light bearer’

5. Zamzam: A girl’s name, possibly derived from the name of a spring in Arabia

6. Dzyre: A girl’s name that comes from the word ‘desire’

7. Jealousy: In 2003, five baby girls were given this abstract name

8. Bush: A boy’s name probably derived from a family surname

9. Kyller: An ominous sounding boy’s name that ranked 13,440 most popular in 2011

10. Mc: Names beginning with Mc and Mac have Irish and Scottish roots, meaning ‘son of’

Where to begin? With ‘Zzyzx’, whose parents ensured their kid is going to have to spell out his name for every single person he ever meets in his entire life and still confuse the shit out of them? Or with the five couples (!) who all named daughter ‘Moo’, who decided a life full of being compared to a cow was the way to go for their child.

The only name on the list which is kind of cool is ‘Lucifer’. Yes it might be a name with evil and satanic connotations but you can bet no one’s going to be fucking with Lucifer on the school playground. Actually pretty genius move naming your kid Lucifer. Same goes for ‘Kyller’. In fact Kyller and Lucifer would probably make pretty good mates one day. ‘Dzyre’ and ‘Jealousy’ maybe not so much.

Anyway, big up the parents who saw fit to destroy their kids’ lives before they even had a chance.

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