Here’s Another Weird Brazilian Bodybuilder Injecting Loads Of Synthol Into His Muscles

He might be the biggest yet.

Over the years, we’ve seen a whole load of weird synthol addicts who literally can’t stop injecting the stuff into their muscles in an attempt to become the biggest looking guys out here.

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I still can’t fathom just why these guys seem to think that it’s a good idea to do this to themselves because they look absolutely terrible and doctors are literally telling them that the practice will kill them, but still more and more of them keep emerging. What a bunch of absolute idiots.

The latest one is a 53 year old guy called Valdir Segato from Sao Paulo, who says that he started using synthol after his drug use when he was younger which led to him gaining the nickname ‘Skinny Dog’. When he ditched the drugs he hit the gym, but quickly realised that he would never be able to get as big as he wanted to which is why he turned to synthol. 

And I bet he’s glad he did because just look at him now:

What a hunk – definitely looks better for all that synthol injected into him doesn’t he? He’s also obtained 16,000 Instagram followers on the back of it and earned the nickname of ‘The Monster’ in his local area. He’s insanely proud of these facts and says he won’t stop injecting the stuff in a quest to get even bigger, even though it increases the chances of stroke, infections, abscesses and even amputation. Deluded.

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