Weird Alien Object In Siberia


Aliens have thrown a weird object from outer-space and it’s landed in some place in Russia. Whichever alien threw it must be on roids.


Aliens are cool, right? I reckon it would be pretty cool to be one, anyway. Especially if I was like one in the film The Thing. I could pretend to be anyone and anything I wanted. Even a lamp-post. I’m not so sure about being one like E.T., though. He is pretty ugly and can’t really do much apart from telling people he wants to phone home. Oh, and make a bike fly. An even better alien would be Rik Waller, he’s pretty awesome. Even though he’s now married to a Pagan lady, he’s still a cool alien.

The aliens that are flying in space or are chilling on their planets want us to know they’re up there, though. Perhaps they’re a bit lonely. They recently threw a huge chunk of metal at us, and it landed in Siberia, Russia. It didn’t hurt anyone, just landed close to some remote village. It weighs over 30 stone so the alien that threw at must be on roids. Experts have said that it’s neither from a rocket or a missile so it must be some alien thing.

Here’s a video. If you pause it dead on 17 seconds you can make out an alien face on the right-hand-side of the object. Pretty weird.

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