Researchers Have Created A Yeast That Has The Same Effect As Smoking Weed

Weed Weed

This could literally change millions of lives – but would it be as much fun as smoking weed?

Researchers over at the Technical University over in Dortmund have reportedly created a yeast that can produce THC. That’s the main ingredient in weed in case you didn’t know. More importantly it’s the ingredient that gets you high, although it also has some important medical characteristics too.

Dr. Oliver Kayser had the following to say about the operation:

We have genetically engineered a type of yeast to make small amounts of THC.

We have also created a yeast producing similar amounts of fellow marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD).

Regulators will welcome the alternative method of making THC, since they believe marijuana growing operations will support some illegal farming.

We also plan on further altering the genetic makeup of the yeast so it synthesizes much more THC.

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Wow. If that last part comes off then you could be getting high as a motherfucker off yeast in a few years, although it does sound like this operation is aimed more at users of medical marijuana rather than your regular stoners. Still, it could definitely be an option to get high off yeast in the future rather than by smoking up.

However, although a yeast that gets you stoned would be way healthier and better for you than smoking endless doobies, eating bread or whatever with a bunch of friends doesn’t sound as much fun as sitting around getting high with them. I mean, it’s kind of fun eating hash brownies but you inevitably put too much weed in and end up monumentally stoned and unable to do anything, whereas it’s way more fun passing a joint around with your mates and getting baked over a long period of time.

Smoking is just a way cooler and easier way to get high basically, and intrinsically linked with it in today’s society. It just doesn’t feel right doing it any other way and that’s why I don’t think weed culture is going to change into yeast culture anytime soon.

You might as well just legalise it already – there are so many reasons why it’s a good idea:


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