Wedding Videographer Keeps Money & Taunts Man Saying “Life’s A B-tch” After Bride-To-Be Killed In Car Crash

How cruel can you get?

Insane story out of Colorado Springs this week involves a wedding videographer refusing to refund a man after his bride-to-be was killed before their wedding day.

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Alexis Wyatt died in a car crash in February and her fiance Justin Montney reached out to Copper Stallion Media to ask for a refund on the $1,800 he and his wife had paid for the company to work their wedding.

Copper Stallion Media refused, claiming the fee was non-refundable. Justin told ABC 7 Denver:

They should have been able to do (that) because they didn’t render any services.

He added that the company said they could extend his service to his next wedding, which “was a very a very insensitive thing to tell me.”

As Justin’s experience went public, a bunch of people flooded Copper Stallion Media’s social media pages with negative reviews. Copper Stallion Media responded by redirecting its entire website and Yelp page to a new website,, attacking Montney and accusing him of trying to “shake us down.”

Amazingly, text on the company site takes a dig at Justin for losing his fiancee:

He admits the contract was nonrefundable but says we should give the money back due to the circumstance. Life is a b*tch, Justin.

The owner, a man named Jesse John Clark, then mocked that the website is registered for two years using the non-refundable deposit.

That’s not all… check out the following Facebook post he made:

What an absolute bastard. That’s not all – get a load of this response he gave to Alexis’s mum when she also left them a negative review. How heartless can you get?

I just can’t wrap my head around anyone, let alone a wedding videography business, being so cruel to someone suffering such a tragic loss. And all over $1,800?

Naturally, people are going IN on this guy on social media and I can only imagine the negative effect on his business will be irreparable. Which means this guy is not only awful and cruel but also a giant dumbass considering his decision to keep the $1,800 makes no long-term financial sense taking into account all the negative press and reviews. How can you be so stupid, especially in this day and age where something like this always ends up all over social media.

Copper Stallion Media say life’s a bitch, but I think they’re about to find out karma is too. Exactly what they deserve.

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